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GPFF Membership and Participation Requirements

Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers welcomes anyone to join as a member.  The requirement of the member to participate in any GPFF in-person event, meeting, outing, etc., is to self-attest their COVID vaccination status to the Membership chairs.  There are no COVID requirements for participation in virtual meetings.

GPFF Infectious Disease Guidelines

Updated November 2023

GPFF respects the rights of all members to enjoy fly fishing under safe and healthy conditions. The Board has updated membership requirements, participation requirements, and guidelines for meetings, outings, and other events to reduce adverse consequences from infectious diseases, especially those that could compromise the health of members with underlying health conditions.

GPFF Safety Guidelines for In-Person Participation

These guidelines are based on current safety measures (updated August 10, 2023) from COVID19.CA.GOV and are in effect for any events sponsored by the Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Club from November 27, 2023, until further notice. Because the public health situation continues to change, GPFF will monitor and adhere to State and local guidance for in-person gatherings as it evolves.

        Get COVID vaccinated and boosted to protect yourself and others.

        Get tested if you experience COVID-19 symptoms or are exposed to someone with COVID-19.

        Stay home if you are sick.

        Consider wearing a mask if local infection rates are high or you are concerned about becoming infected yourself or infecting others. 

        Use good cough hygiene (covering your cough) and frequent handwashing to prevent transmissible diseases in general.

        If you begin experiencing flu- or cold-like symptoms while on an outing:

o   Inform the Fishmaster and return home as quickly as possible to avoid infecting others.

o   The Fishmaster, in turn, will inform everyone attending the outing as quickly as possible so they may determine their next steps.

I, the undersigned, promise to abide by these rules, and I understand that compliance with these rules is a condition to my participation in any outing sponsored by the Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Club.

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