Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Club

Covid-19 Protocols for Outings

These rules are in effect for any outings sponsored by the Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Club 

From March 26, 2021 until further notice.

STAY HOME if, on the day before or the day of the outing, you have:

  • Any one of the following symptoms:

    • Shortness of Breath (unusual shortness of breath if you are, say, asthmatic and shortness of breath is an ordinary condition).

    • New or worsening dry cough.

    • Fever.

    • Flu-like symptoms (e.g. lethargy, body aches; unusual lethargy or aches if you are, say, old, and lethargy or arthritis is an ordinary condition).

    • Vomiting.

    • Diarrhea.

    • Loss of sense of smell or taste.

  • Any two of the following symptoms:

    • Mild unusual lethargy or body aches.

    • Cough.

    • Rash.

    • Sore Throat.

    • Open Sore.

STAY HOME if within the past ten days:

  • You have been in close contact with anyone who has Covid-19 or was suffering from typical Covid-19 symptoms.

  • You or anyone with whom you have been, within the past 10 days, in close contact has, within the 14 days prior to your close contact, been on a cruise ship, travelled internationally or visited an area with a known communicable disease outbreak.

If you have previously registered for the outing, please notify the fishmaster that you will not be attending.

Rules of the Outing:

  • The fishmaster is also the Covid safety officer.  Please obey his or her instructions.

  • Travel to the outing in your own vehicle.  Vehicles may be shared only by people within the same family or who live together or where everyone in the vehicle has been vaccinated fully.  “vaccinated fully” means you have had both doses (if a two-dose vaccine was used) and the recommended period after the vaccine for it to take full effect has passed.

  • Each person or family group must plan for, obtain, pay for, and stay in their own campsite or hotel room.  The Club will not be responsible for accommodations.

  • There will be no communal meals nor shared food except among persons who live together or among persons all of whom have been fully vaccinated.  Each person is responsible for supplying their own food and drink.

  • Always stay at least six feet away from others whenever possible.

  • Wear a mask when within ten feet of others, even if only briefly.  Bandanas, buffs, and neck gaiters are not sufficient masks.  Wear N95 or surgical masks or cloth masks with at least two layers of cloth.

  • Every person must carry hand sanitizer and use it after touching any surface also touched by others.  Sanitize any shared restroom after you use it.

  • Do not share fishing gear or equipment.  Bring your own rods and flies.  If you need help with flies or other equipment, contact the fishmaster or go to Fish First in advance of the trip so that you may acquire what you need.

  • Any communal gatherings (campfires, briefings, fish stories) shall nevertheless be at least six feet apart from each other, with every person wearing a mask.  No singing or wind instruments are permitted.

  • Bring your own chair and table so that you have a place to eat and conduct other affairs apart from others.

  • Every participant must promise, in writing, to comply with these rules and provide that written promise to the fishmaster.

I, the undersigned, promise to abide by these rules, and I understand that compliance with these rules is a condition to my participation in any outing sponsored by the Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Club.

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