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    • 28 May 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 31 May 2020
    • (EDT)
    • Burney

    Due to the Corona Virus and the states shelter-in-place order, this trip is canceled.

    Click to download the Fishout Sheet.

    McAurther Burney State Park - May 28-31 (Th-Su). Skill level - beginner to Advanced. Campsites 32 and 34, 3 cars max per site/must register and pay, 8 Anglers max per site. We are next to the northern overflow parking lot for more cars. Fishmaster - Eric Larson

    Fishing for all skill levels - includes excellent novice water.  See beautiful Burney Falls. Fish Burney Creek, right at the campground, Hat Creek, Pit River, Fall River, Lost Creek, Rock Creek, and Baum Lake.  People have even driven to the McCloud for a day.

    GPFF strongly encourages car pooling. Contact  to coordinate rides, or, more generally, if you have questions.

    Look here for the fishout sheet a few weeks before the trip.  Here is Vaughn's fishing map of the area.

    Tight Lines! Eric

    • 01 Jun 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 30 Jun 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Online
    • 10

    Mark - Write your description here. 

    • 10 Jun 2020
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)
    • Berkeley Sportsbasement, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA, 94703

    This meeting may be seen via the ZOOM app. There are no meetings at the Sports Basement. More info to come.

    Jason Hatcher (what an appropriate name for a fly fishing guide!) will be speaking to us about a rarely visited and rarely fished portion of the lower Sacramento River, south of the portions of the river served by the guides from the Fly Shop in Redding and just north of Red Bluff.

    “The glory is in the pursuit”

    “This is not about the money, it’s never been about the money.” There are so many days, I say to myself “I’d do this for free”. I want to be on the water or in the woods ALL the time, and guiding is a great way to afford that particular vice (I often joke that I take people fishing so I have money to go hunting). I truly enjoy sharing the experiences to be had on the water with others. I’m not here to run a ‘cattle car’ mixing groups and filling boats to maximize profits. There’s nothing wrong with making a buck, however, I don’t do this for the paycheck, and I prefer YOUR group to have our undivided attention and make the trip YOUR group’s adventure. Be assured, I will work hard on your fishing day to help you catch fish. I will do the behind the scenes prep work to make sure you will be in a great spot, with all the right gear and ready to go! I have found it so rewarding to see clients come back again and again, and see their skills progress to the point that all I have to do is operate the boat. They know the program! It’s like going out fishing with a group of my good buddies, which is a heckuva great way to make a buck.

    My personal goal is for a trip with River Pursuit Guide Service, to leave our guests realizing there is more to a river fishing trip than posting great C&R numbers (which we do). There is learning, there is observation, there is camaraderie amongst friends or family time, there is the acquisition and honing of skills, among many other elements that contribute to the experience as a whole. The outing in it’s totality should leave one considering “the glory is in the pursuit.”Jason Thatcher

    Jason has been a licensed fishing guide since 2002 and is an avid and passionate outdoorsman. He is a coast guard license 6 pack captain, licensed, bonded, insured, and fully  permitted for his operating areas. Besides guiding full-time, Jason also runs a non-profit called Blue Line Outdoors which provides free outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting trips for police officers in the aftermath of critical incidents.

     Regions Jason has guided include the Bristol Bay region of Alaska and the Trinity, American, Feather and Sacramento Rivers of Northern, CA. He believes in the “local guide, local knowledge” ideal which means he is intimately familiar with the local fishes life-cycle, habits, habitat, defining traits, and proven, as well as, experimental methods of take. He has the skills, tools, and knowledge to put anglers in the best possible situation for having a successful, comfortable, safe, and entertaining river fishing adventure. Jason is married to his wife Holly and they have a daughter, Claire. They make their home on the banks of the Sacramento River north of Red Bluff with Jason guiding full-time and Holly working as a registered nurse. Holly regularly out-fishes Jason, which they are both OK with.

    • 26 Jun 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 28 Jun 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Ah-Di-Na

    Due to the Corona Virus and the states shelter-in-place order, this trip is canceled.

    McCloud River at Ah-Di-Na

    The McCloud is a true California gem, the best California has to offer, and a world recognized fishery June is a great time on the McCloud. Fishmaster Dennis Kettler knows the river very well. We will camp at Ah-Di-Na.

    Please note that this river is located in an isolated canyon, down a dirt road, 7 miles. Most cars have no problem driving to the conservancy, although a truck or SUV is better.

    Also, most of the river has a nice trail to hike on, but please be aware that the hiking is not easy due to rocks, inclines and vegetation. Wading, at times, can be a very challenging, too.  It is important to know your limitations and also slow down a little while hiking and wading.

    Please contact Dennis Kettler if you have any questions.

    • 06 Jul 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 10 Jul 2020
    • (PDT)
    • SE Oregon, near Boise, ID

    Lower Owahee River in SE Oregon, July 6-10 (Mon-Fri).  Fishmaster - Rich Miller.

    This is a famous tailwater fishery, home to large rainbows and browns that rise regularly each summer afternoon to PMD's. This part of the river flows through a beautiful canyon cut into high desert country.  The weather will be warm, but the river cold.  There are formal campgrounds on the Owahee Reservoir and just below the dam, but I prefer pickup camping along the tailwater.

    The drive from Berkeley is 620 miles via Winnemucca (I-80 to I-95), with Google Maps estimating 9.5 hours driving.  That is a lot less than I've ever taken.

    Oregon fishing licenses are easy to get online. A 3-day license was under $40. You can get a non-resident annual license for around $120.


    Motel accommodations available downriver in some of the nearby towns, perhaps half and hour away.

    GPFF strongly encourages car pooling. Email me to coordinate rides, or, more generally, if you have questions.

    Look here for fishout sheet a few weeks before the trip.


    Tight Lines!
    Rich Miller

    • 31 Jul 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 02 Aug 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Ruling Creek Campground

    Pit river, one of California's finest. Camping at Ruling Creek Camp ground. Fish master Mike Lippmen.

    More information will be posted soon.

    • 12 Aug 2020
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT)
    • Berkeley Sportsbasement, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA, 94703

    Frank Burr of the Oasis Fly Shop in Alhambra, California, and of Snowbee fly fishing equipment, will talk about ultralight fly fishing and the fast-action one and two-weight fly rods he designed for Snowbee.


    Frank Burr learned Fly Fishing and Fly tying in summer school at the early age of seven along with Tenkara fishing in Japan in 1970. A native of Southern California, Frank fly fishes throughout the state, always looking for the elusive Heritage Trout in California waters. Although Trout is his favorite species, Frank will fly fish for any species just to get in a day of fishing. Frank has worked in the fly fishing industry for the past 7 years for Orvis and now for Snowbee USA, assisting in the design of Ultralight Fly Rods and other products in the Snowbee line. Frank is also a Fly Fishing instructor and Guide specializing in Golden Trout and other Heritage Trout species in California. Frank speaks at events, clubs and shows in the USA and volunteers many days each year teaching youth fly fishing programs.

    • 13 Aug 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 17 Aug 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 13

    More information to come. Please check back, soon.

    Camping/fishing trip to the Tioga Pass area for 4 nights on August 13-17, 2020. There is a limit of 4 cars and up to 15 people for this outing. Please contact Dan Zimmerlin for more information

    • 24 Aug 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 29 Aug 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Oakridge, OR (Hwy 58, SE of Eugene)

    Updated 2/6/2020


    Willamette National Forest in west-central Oregon, August 24 - 29 (Mon-Fri).  Fishmaster - Rich Miller.

    We shall fish Salt Creek, Salmon Creek, and the North Fork of the Middle Fork Willamette River, lovely streams
    that flow through modest-elevation forests to  the Middle Fork of the Willamette River, as well as the Middle Fork itself above Lookout Point Reservoir.  These waters have lots of trout, some in the Middle Fork quite large, frequently willing to rise to dries.  We plan on camping at the unusual Blue Pool CG on OR-58.  If you drive in along OR-58, you can stop and see the Salt Creek Falls, nearly 300' high.

    The area is a 7 hour road trip (not counting stops) up past Shasta, east and north on OR-97, and west on OR-58.

    Oregon fishing licenses are easy to get online. A 3-day license was under $40. You can get a non-resident annual license for around $120.


    Hotel Accommodations available downriver in Oakridge if you don't want to camp.  Float trips on the Middle Fork are available if water levels are high enough through the Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene.

    GPFF strongly encourages car pooling. Email me to coordinate rides, or, more generally, if you have questions.

    Look here for fishout sheet a few weeks before the trip.


    Tight Lines!
    Rich Miller

    • 28 Aug 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 30 Aug 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Battle Creek

    GPFF Battle Creek Outing!

    This is a paid event which all the proceeds go to Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers. More details to come. Make sure to register early. This event always fills up. 

    • 09 Sep 2020
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)
    • Berkeley Sportsbasement, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA, 94703

    • 13 Sep 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PDT)
    • Solano Ave. and Carmel St. Albany, CA

    Solano Stroll Albany CA

    Please come see us at out booth! 

    We want to show you what we are all about:  Great Trips, Presentations, Conservation and Education. 

    Become a member at out booth and get a free club hat. Sign up for more information and enter our free raffle for a free membership or a chance for a fly rod and reel!

    If you are aleady a club member please volunteer to be a host at the booth with information or our fly tying exhibit.

    See you there!

    • 19 Sep 2020
    • (PDT)

    More information will be posted about this conservation event, soon. 

    For more information, please contact Julie Haselden at

    • 14 Oct 2020
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)
    • Berkeley Sportsbasement, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA, 94703

    Grizzly Peak fly Fisher Club's annual open house.  Come and meet new members and prospective members!  Free hot dogs and sodas!  Fly tying, knot tying, casting demonstrations! Entomology specimens!

    • 22 Oct 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 25 Oct 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Ah-Di-Nah

    McCloud River (October Caddis)

    McCloud River - Our annual October Caddis outing.October 22 - 25, 2020 (Th-Su). Skill level - Intermediate to advanced(difficult terrain). Ah-Di-Nah Campground. Fishmaster - Kirston Koths.

    The McCloud River is absolutely beautiful this time of year. And the fish love the big caddis flies that should be hatching, especially the migrating (big!) browns. Just cast near a the edges and watch your fly explode!

    NOTE: This outing is located far from medical services, in a remote canyon where wading is difficult and injuries are not uncommon. This outing is a fun trip that will test (and hopefully improve) your angling skills, but it is not recommended for beginning anglers, those with limited wading skills, or people with health and fitness issues.

    We will have a potluck dinner on Saturday night after sunset, followed by a campfire gathering with special activities.

    GPFF strongly encourages car pooling. Contact the fishmaster at to coordinate rides, or, more generally, if you have questions.

    Look here for the fishout sheet a few weeks before the trip. Here are maps of the Conservancy, the river from the dam to Ah-Di-Nah, and the upper river loop.

    • 11 Nov 2020
    • (PST)
    • Putah Creek

    Brad Gee is hosting a day trip to Putah Creek. This is very close to Berkeley, 65 miles away. Before you know it, you are wading in a river, hoping to hook a Putah Creek rainbow. More details to come. 

    • 11 Nov 2020
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (PST)
    • Berkeley Sportsbasement, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA, 94703

    Speaker and meeting information unknown. Information will be added soon. Please check back.

    • 14 Nov 2020
    • (PST)
    • Feather River Wildlife Area
    Fishmaster: Roger Wachtler

    No speeding near Oroville farms, tickets available!

    East of Hwy. 70 closed for fishing till Jan.1

    Nymph fishing for Steelhead. 2x to 3x dropper. 5-8 weight rod. 4x4 recommended but not mandatory. 2x vehicles stay on main gravel road.

    Will fish downstream aprox. 5 miles of the wildlife area. Contains about a half dozen great fly fishing riffles. You will encounter salmon fisherman and hunters in some areas. Moderate to strong wading skills needed as there is some fast current(800cfs). Many giant salmon will splash near you. Those that can cast upstream and roll mend for a natural drift will catch fish.

    Eggs patterns early till 10am then switch to nymphs. Green caddis pupa, princes, red copper johns, rubber legs.

    Lodging at Motel 6/restaurant in parking lot available for those wishing to spend the night. Cheap.

      505 Montgomery St
      Oroville, CA 95965
      Phone number 530 532-9400

    GPFF strongly encourages car pooling. Contact Roger or me to coordinate rides, or, more generally, if you have questions.

    • 09 Dec 2020
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (PST)
    • Berkeley Sportsbasement, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA, 94703

    The December Monthly Meeting, scheduled for December 08, 2020 is GPFF’s gala HOLIDAY PARTY. You must register for the event. GPFF provides Ham, Turkey & a vegetarian dish. Registrants are notified as to the category of food to bring. This is the one event that members & spouses party & get to know each other better. It is also an opportunity to sit next to someone you might get to know better!  Please register!

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23 Mar 2019 East Walker River California and Nevada (Beginner-Advanced)
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06 Jul 2017 Southwest Montana
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31 Oct 2016 Trinity - Steelhead
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20 Sep 2016 Oregon
15 Sep 2016 GPFF Beginning Fly Fishing Class
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17 Aug 2016 20 Lakes Basin Backpacking
10 Aug 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
13 Jul 2016 NO REGULAR GPFF Club Meeting Tonight
09 Jul 2016 Southwest Montana
09 Jun 2016 Burney Area (Novices encouraged, FREE camping)
08 Jun 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
21 May 2016 Deer Creek (Novices encouraged, FREE camping)
11 May 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
30 Apr 2016 Trinity Alps (Regular Season Opener)
23 Apr 2016 Lower Yuba (UC Property)
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10 Apr 2016 GPFF Conservation Work Party
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12 Mar 2016 33rd Annual Auction - Saturday, March 12th 2016
15 Feb 2016 Rogue River STEELHEAD
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12 Jul 2015 Montana
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04 Jun 2015 Shad Fishing 2015 (Tentative)
28 May 2015 Burney Area
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12 Apr 2015 Rogue River Skagit Clinic (DATES SETTLED)
08 Apr 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
31 Mar 2015 Kings River (Garnet Dike)
14 Mar 2015 32nd Annual Auction - Saturday, March 14th 2015
08 Mar 2015 GPFF Conservation - Spring Work Party Sunday, March 8
28 Feb 2015 Beginners Fly Fishing Clinic
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17 Jan 2015 Lower American - Steelhead
14 Jan 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
10 Dec 2014 GPFF Holiday Dinner
06 Dec 2014 Lower Yuba (UC Property) REDIRECTED - HIGH WATER
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24 Oct 2014 McCloud
08 Oct 2014 GPFF Open House
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19 Sep 2014 Kings Canyon
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19 Jul 2014 GPFFC Picnic
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15 Feb 2014 Amador Lake
18 Jan 2014 Lower Stanislaus River
01 Dec 2013 Lower Yuba Sunday December 1st 2013
10 Apr 2013 April Club Meeting
07 Apr 2013 April 7th, 2013 (Sun) - Conservation Clean Up of Cordonices Creek
16 Mar 2013 30th Annual Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Auction & Gala
09 Mar 2013 March 9th, 2013 (Sat) - Lower Yuba Day outing

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