Trout In the Classroom Documentation (In Suggested Order of Reading)

(The links below will call up files stored on the GPFF's Google Drive)

  1.    How to Build a 10 Gallon Chilled Aquarium

  2.    Aquarium Set Up

  3.    Using and Understanding the Controller

  4.    Aquarium Cleaning and Storage

  5.    Master Swim Up Planner

  6.    Guide to the Swim Up Planner

  7.    Annotated Parts List

  8.    How to Achieve Accurate Aquarium Temperature Control

  9.    Digital Thermometer Calibration

10.    Controlling Aquarium Temperature

11.    GPFF Trout In the Classrooom Aquarium Familiarization (Video showing aquarium set up and aquarium cleaning procedure to be used for GPFF aquaria.)

12.    Trout In the Classroom (A video made by North Bay chapter of Trout Unlimited showing the Trout In the Classroom experience.)

13.    A Trout’s Journal ( A video made by Jim Scherer from Dropcam Aquarium video clips in four classrooms during 2015 showing changes from egg to free swimming fry)

14.    Removing Dead Eggs  (A video tutorial)


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