Video Library Contents of Alevin to Fry Development

The following folders show the development of eggs on their way to becoming rainbow trout. Each folder contains one or more video files showing how Eggs/Alevins behave at different stages in the process:   

Delivered Eggs Hatched Eggs (Alevins 0% developed)Fry (100% developed). 

We use the day the eggs hatch as the zero point int the % developed scale. The amount of time between egg delivery and hatch will depend on indivudual aquaria temperature. However, unlike the day scale, the % development should be comparable across different aquaria.

Click on the folder showing video for a % development and download the files to your computer. Use your computers video player or VLC(free)to play the video. The changes between 10% changes may be subtle. Arrange the files on your computer screen and play simultaneously to compare similar degrees of time lapse. If you are raising trout in your classroom aquarium, determine the number of days for your Alevins to Button-up(Swim-up) and use this value for 100%. At any number of days between hatch and Button-up, determine the % of development for your Alevins and compare with the appropriate video in this library.

Updated Alevin Library

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