Eastern Sierra (PICKUP TRIP)

  • 04 Mar 2017
  • 05 Mar 2017
  • Truckee, Markleeville, Bridgeport?


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Updated 2/25/17

March 4-5, 2017 (Sat-Sun).  Eastern Sierra Todd Pond, fishmaster, toddpond@ymail.com,

(cell) 510-520-4485.

I want to go fishing March 4th. I am thinking of a day trip, to either the Truckee river, East Carson, or the East Walker. I am willing to split the driving and the cost. We can take my car if needed.
I could probably be talked into an over-night trip, too. Please contact me if you are interested. This trip is pending on a couple of things, road conditions, weather, and river conditions.
As of Saturday morning, all these conditions are looking favorable. 

Enjoy, Todd

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