Owyhee or Upper Sac (PICKUP TRIP)

  • 15 Jul 2017
  • 18 Jul 2017
  • Ah-Di-Na


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Updated 7/6/17

July 15-18 (Sat-Tue).  Owyhee or Upper Sac -  Todd Pond, fishmaster, toddpond@ymail.com,

(cell) 510-520-4485.

Anyone interested in a pick-up trip to the world-famous Owyhee river or the Shasta area?
I have a four day weekend schedules and would love to spend 2-4 days fishing. I have never
fished the Owyhee river but would love to learn it. Also, I am thinking of the Shasta area, like, the Upper Sac.,
McCloud, Pit and Hat Creek. Personally, I love try to go after larger rainbows and brown trout possible. I am
off 7/16-7/18. I prefer carpooling to the Owyhee. Please email me if you are interested in going.

Enjoy, Todd

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