East Walker (PICK-UP TRIP)

  • 08 Jun 2018
  • 10 Jun 2018
  • Bridgeport


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Updated 5/19/2018

East Walker Pick-up Trip June 8-10 (Fri-Sun) - Todd Pond

Come fish the East Walker June 9th and 10th. I am planning on fishing the Nevada side Saturday, and California Sunday. I know this river well. The East Walker is a world famous fishery that is known to harbor some beautiful rainbows and browns. It is one of the more difficult places to fish. Roll casting 30-60sf, perfect drifts with tiny flies, reading the water, accurate casting, and presenting streamers in the right place, are  the keys to success. When executed properly,  the rewards are dumbfounding. Come test your skills!  Even though advanced fly fishing skills will help your success rate, they are not mandatory for catching fish. All levels are welcomed, although basic casting, rigging, and wading skills go along way. Most likely, I will be camping in  Nevada Friday night, and getting a hotel, in Bridgeport, Saturday night. This trip is weather/river condition permitting, limited to 5 anglers, and may be canceled at any time, for any reason. Waders, and wading staffs are recommend, due to, at times, difficult wading. Also note, this is located in a very rural area, no cell phone coverage, and altitude around 6500-5500.  Do not hesitate to contact
me, for question, recommend flies, and meeting places.

Enjoy, Todd

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