March Club Meeting

  • 10 Mar 2021
  • 6:30 PM

March Monthly Meeting

Speaker: Maurrie Sussman of Sisters on the Fly

For all the fly fishers out there who wish their female companions, spouses or family members were more interested in fly fishing, this is the program for you! Invite your wives, girlfriends and daughters to attend to learn about Sisters on the Fly, an organization dedicated to bringing the joys of fly fishing to women...or is it women to the joys of fly fishing?

Although, watch out: if they get into it and join Sisters on the Fly, the men don't get to go with them!  From their web site:

“Offering empowerment and sisterhood through exceptional outdoor adventures.”

As a group of women, we challenge ourselves in all that we set our minds to.
We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, color, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or age (>21).

All women who want to share in the adventures of our sisterhood are welcome.
“WE HAVE MORE FUN THAN ANYONE” is our credo as we socialize, mobilize and recreate together.

We encourage you to join Sisters on the fly on our activities & adventures and expand your horizons. Learn to fish, ride a horse, kayak, camp under the stars, travel to various destinations near and far. The best part of Sisters on the Fly is simply meeting new sisters, like minded and kindred spirits. Network through our organization and find your very own Sisters! 
Sisters on the fly rules are simple to follow- “No men, no kids, be nice & have fun.”

Becky and Maurrie are truly sisters. They were brought up by their adventurous mother Mazie who was the best role model for these two and taught them how to enjoy the outdoors and become capable, independent women. Mazie lived to be 94 and her spirit is still with her daughters as they continue to inspire women to travel and camp and fish and explore every horizon as empowered adventurers.

In 1999, Becky and Maurrie were fishing in Montana with Austin Lowder, Maurrie’s son, an outfitter and guide. One of the sisters (which one has never been disclosed and is part of the lore and fish tale) had the good luck to catch an 8-pound trout.

Well, while they were celebrating with a glass of wine back at camp, they got to thinking, “We are having way too much fun to keep all the good times to ourselves. Let’s invite some of our girlfriends to come along on the next trip.” And that’s just how Sisters on the Fly was born.

Since that August day in 1999, more than 12,500 women have joined the SOTF ranks.  Our current active membership is in excess of 8,000 and growing daily- women who take advantage of all Sisters on the Fly offers. Come join the fun!

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